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  • Students of Escuela de Arte 10 (Madrid), Guadalajara Art School and Ana Maria Matute High School in Cabanillas del Campo, have been the first beneficiaries of this activity throughout the month of May and June. In November, further workshops will take part all over Spain. Those schools interested in this activity may apply for it through our contact form.
  • If you want to know who organizes the QR Art Lab, visit the website of Cinefilia, where you can see the projects and activities in which we are working.
  • The traveling exhibition of QR Art consist of works from the First QR Art Lab Competition, as well as a set of pictures to introduce the visitor in the world of QR art. The exhibition started on September 24th, 2013 at the Buero Vallejo Auditorium, coinciding with the program of the XI Festival de Cine Solidario de Guadalajara.
  • If you want any further information provided by this website, contact us through our contact form.
  • We have just opened a profile of QR Art Lab on Facebook and we hope you enjoy it. With this tool we expect to offer you updated news, events, announcements and anecdotes that will generate the Laboratory.
  • We are developing a website directory with interesting social contents, which can be used to create de QR codes for the works presented by the participants in the First QR Art Lab Competition. If you wish to suggest a link, send us your proposal through our contact form.
Código QR
What are QR Codes?
Utilidades QR
What is the use of QR Codes?
Arte QR
What is QR Art?
Código QR
What is the QR Art Lab?
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What are QR Codes?

Although you may not know their name, surely you've seen them everywhere. These codes are an evolution of barcodes, and like them, are used to store information. They are recognizable for their three corners with large concentric squares and lots of dark squares distributed in an apparently random way. They can store far more information than barcodes and are becoming more and more widespread, replacing barcodes often.

What is the use of QR Codes?

With the help of a smartphone or other mobile device, you can scan them and access to certain information, usually through a link to a website, a business card V-Card, geo-location coordinates, or plain text. Therefore, we could say that QR codes are a gateway to access from the physical world to the Internet.

Con la ayuda de un smarptphone podemos acceder a la información que contienen los códigos QRAlthough initially created for use in the automotive industry, they are currently widely used and have applications as diverse as advertising, merchandising, graphic design, business cards, catalogs, help in locating Alzheimer patients, information on art works or monuments, menus translation in restaurants, etc. Thanks to QR codes it's really easy to access the web from an advertiser, keep your contact details on the agenda or make a call, send an email or see your situation with Google Maps.

QR codes are encoded with an algorithm that introduces some level of redundant information in order to correct possible errors while reading them. Consequently, up to 30% of the information they contain may be disregarded, allowing therefore some degree of deformation, distortion or modification, making it possible to create custom QR codes, or QR Art.

What is QR Art?

QR Art is the term generally used to describe a trend that uses QR codes as a starting point for creating art works in any discipline. This is a very recent tendency, but it has already created a legion of experimentation and creation. You can find plenty of examples on the Internet, but here you have some that have caught our attention.

Imagen de Arte QR Imagen de Arte QR Imagen de Arte QR Imagen de Arte QR Imagen de Arte QR Imagen de Arte QR Imagen de Arte QR Imagen de Arte QR Imagen de Arte QR Imagen de Arte QR Imagen de Arte QR Imagen de Arte QR Imagen de Arte QR Imagen de Arte QR Imagen de Arte QR Imagen de Arte QR

Furthermore, the QR Art has been carried to all disciplines:

What is the QR Art Lab?

The QR Art Lab, with a vision that combines art, technology and solidarity, aims to use QR codes as a canvas on which to create cutting-edge interactive artistic creations. Through exhibitions, competitions, lectures, workshops, games and more, we aim to explore the possibilities of this tool, which allows us to link the real world to the Internet, or send any information to an electronic device. The QR Art Lab is an event committed to our society, and therefore we give special attention to the transmission of high social contents.

The QR Art Lab has five targets:

  1. Artistic. Boosts the creativity of artists, promoting QR codes as a canvas to create their works, offering citizens an interactive product with a dual purpose: enjoy the creativity of artists and access relevant web content.
  2. Industrial. Encourages the demand of QR Art within the standard industry, and thus job opportunities for the group of artists who wish to specialize in this discipline.
  3. Educational. Promotes training of art students through various activities concerted with schools.
  4. Social. Promotes the access to websites of organizations, groups and institutions working for social justice.
  5. Experimental. Encourages the research and experimentation of innovative applications in the field of culture, for custom QR codes and their applications as a tool for humanity.

The QR Art Lab is open to the participation of a large segment of the population. It is an event which accommodates artists, graphic designers, developers, programmers, performing artists, artisans, etc. Professional artists from different nationalities will participate in the project, and we'll count with the contribution of students from various art schools with which we are reaching collaborative arrangements.


Corte de pelo QR

From 26th to 27th of September 2013, the QR Art Lab gathered in the Buero Vallejo Auditorium, in Guadalajara (Spain), a group of artists from different disciplines and places, who was invited to participate in the creation of live QR Art from a variety of view points. So, we managed to build an environment in which the visitor was able to appreciate how art, technology and solidarity can coexist and strengthen themselves, attending the live creation of several works of QR Art from inception to completion, which visitors were invited to scan with their smartphones to access the web contents they hide. Tatoo, graphic design, illustration, organic art, body painting, visual arts... everything fited in this space. If you are an artist interested in participating in future editions, or would like more information about this activity, write to us through our contact form.

Obra de Lorenzo Durán
Lorenzo Durán
Lorenzo Durán Carved leaves
Born in Cáceres in 1969, he has been living in the province of Guadalajara for some years. He started painting oils at 36 years old, attracting the interest of the Fundació de les Arts i els Artistes (Barcelona) to acquire his painting 'Entre cielo y tierra' for the collection of the Museu Europeu d'Art Modern. Shortly, he had a new inspiration: a caterpillar eating a leaf would give him the idea of changing the canvases by plant leaves, and that opened a world of possibilities that have come to share experiences like Ecoart Treebus Festival (2011), his first solo exhibition, held in the Botanical Garden of Jerusalem (2012-2013), and a very rich exchange with an audience of people from Spain and many other countries.
Obra de Eva Pérez
Lorenzo Durán
Eva Pérez Graphic design
Graphic designer and illustrator, graduated in visual arts and graphic design at the School of Art in Guadalajara. She is co-founder of the cultural magazine El Calamar Gigante and director of Sabbia Design Studio. She is currently researching the development of children's apps for children with autism spectrum disorders and actively collaborates with nonprofit organizations and national artistic collectives.
Obra de Chechu Díaz
Chechu Díaz
Chechu Díaz Tattoo
From early youth, he showed a serious inclination towards drawings. He was formed as tattooist in Studio Gaby, in Madrid. 12 years ago, he set up his own tattoo studio, Checa, one of the pioneers of this art in Guadalajara. Chechu has extensive experience in all designs including Maori drawings, Japs and artistic designs in general. The barcode tattoos are a more recent phenomenon, resulting in a kind of complaint to the objectification of the body and the consumer society, without losing sensuality. His immersion in the world of QR Art comes from the hand of the QR Art Lab.
Obra de Patricia Dubreunil
Patricia Dubreunil
Patricia Dubreunil Ilustration
Illustrator and graphic designer. Patricia has a degree in graphic advertising, and she is an associate designer in El Calamar Gigante team, layout designer and photographer. Currently engaged in the illustration, she is the author of the arts exhibition 'We are what we dream', which has toured numerous art galleries and other cultural spaces of our country, adding a touch of critical and hopeful color.
Obra de Gema Cormano
Gema Cormano
Gema Cormano Visual arts
Graphic designer and visual artist. Graduated in the School of Art of Guadalajara in advertising graphics, in 2009, Gema is co-founder of the cultural magazine El Calamar Gigante. She focuses her professional career in creating works of art and photography, regularly collaborating with non-profit associations.
Obra de Ángela García
Ángela García
Ángela García Body painting
Born in Salamanca, she lives currently in Madrid. Ángela is a Specialist Technician in Hair Cutting, Beauty and Characterization. She studied characterization, special effects and hairpieces in Harpo, special effects in Academia C-10, fashion makeup at the Academy Image Artist, hairpieces in Centro Tecnológico del Espectáculo de Posticería, and vintage hairdressing in the same center. She had her own salon in Salamanca before coming to Madrid, where she later worked as a makeup artist, hairdresser and characterizing in theater (Teatro Real, Compañía de Teatro Clásico, Centro Dramático Nacional, etc.), advertising, photography, Ibiza Adlib Catwalk, and films. She has also worked on TV shows, variety shows, cultural shows, etc. She is currently working on TVE.